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We sell our palette here at Raya. Arranging a curated collection of what we think is cool or relevant in fashion in the present moment; taking hints from the past, combined with glimpses of the future.

Introducing Independent Female Designers Around the World

Featured Female Designers

Keiko Koakutsu (featured on top right) creates a theme of designs that are related with nature throughout her life and is not to be confined by a tradition but freely flow with the movement of our bodies. Karlaidlaw (featured on the left) is a brand founded in Australia formed around self-expression and dressing for yourself. 707CLOTHINGHEAVEN (featured on bottom right) is founded in Detroit, MI by Madison Muszynski. it is centered around creating new from old, leaving as little waste behind as possible. Her experimental pieces bring new life and a new purpose to each garment used in creating her pieces.

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